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Past Events

Seeking Blind and Low Vision College Graduates for Careers in Policy and Nonprofit Management

Ollie, Steven, Nick and Leo Cantos, along with Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, Calvin Harris and Vivian Bass at RespectAbility's 2018 SummitWe hosted an event on July 28 at 10:30 a.m. in Santa Monica discussing how blind and low vision college graduates can join our “earn while you learn” virtual apprenticeship program. We’re looking for talented people with blindness or low vision from California who have an interest in public service, running for office, advocating on Capitol Hill, working at a non-profit foundation or in media to join our one-of-a-kind virtual training program. [continue reading…]

ADA @31: A Focus on the Future – Disabled Directors Leading the Way

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Throughout the summer, RespectAbility is hosting a variety of events, “ADA @31: A Focus on the Future.” In this session, we focused on the way disabled individuals, specifically directors, are making a difference in the entertainment industry. Just a handful of directors in the Directors Guild of America identify as disabled. The RespectAbility Lab for Entertainment Professionals with Disabilities is aiming to change this. Eight of the 30 participants in the 2021 Lab are directors and attendees of this event met six of them: Asha Chai-Chang, Ben Fox, Cashmere Jasmine, Jennifer Valdes, Carmen Vincent and Alaa Zabara! This session was moderated by RespectAbility 2020 Lab alumnus Andrew Reid.

Any questions? Please contact Tatiana Lee at [continue reading…]

“Leaders of the Future” – Accessible Events: Both In-Person and Online

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Although 72 percent of nonprofit organizations say they have a policy of nondiscrimination against people with disabilities, too few take simple steps to make their programming truly accessible. For example, fewer than 60 percent of their events are always held in physically accessible spaces. Fewer than one-third (30 percent) offer opportunities for participants at public events to request accommodations like sign language interpreters, live captioning, or food allergy alternatives. This session gave leaders the information they need to ensure that their practices match their principles so that they can benefit from the talents and perspectives of people with disabilities. [continue reading…]

“Leaders of the Future” – Effective Disability Advocacy from the Inside

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One of the greatest ways that leaders with disabilities and their allies can strengthen the organizations in which they participate is by helping to move them toward greater inclusion. That said, the role of an internal advocate is fundamentally different from that of an external change agent. Learn from some successful Jews with disabilities and their allies about how they’ve made change from the inside at their organizations.
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“Leaders of the Future” – Leading at the Next Level: Working in the Jewish World

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There are many ways to lead in Jewish organizations, from donating time and talent, to active participation. Some will take the ultimate plunge and choose to work professionally for a Jewish organization. In this session, we focused both on the types of opportunities available, and the ways to build on your network and use modern technology so that you may contribute your time and talent. [continue reading…]

“Leaders of the Future” – Development: Foundations

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Foundation funding is at the core of many organizations. There is an art to every part of the process of working with a foundation, from grant proposals to program descriptions, to outcomes and aligning with funder priorities. This panel featured two leaders from the Jewish foundation world who introduced each of these topics, explaining both how you as a volunteer can help, and how you might join the foundation world as a professional. [continue reading…]

The State of Disability Employee Engagement: Learning from Global Disability Inclusion and Mercer

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Best practices in diversity and inclusion have been hot topics in discussion around corporate recruitment, hiring and retention. However, disability inclusion often gets lost in discussions about talent management strategies. Global Disability Inclusion and Mercer have recently published an in-depth report detailing critical insights about the employment experiences of people with disabilities and how to prioritize the needs of employees with disabilities.

Featuring over 12 million data sets, the Global Disability Inclusion & Mercer report on The State of Disability Employee Engagement is an unprecedented opportunity for C-Suite leaders, Diversity Leaders and HR Professionals to better understand what is likely 15-20% of your employee population. We gathered the report’s lead investigators for a critical discussion on what works, what does not, and how to improve efforts to empower talented employees with disabilities.

Also part of this conversation was RespectAbility’s own Director of Inclusive Philanthropy and Development, Franklin Anderson. Franklin helped facilitate the discussion of how the Mercer report reflects critical lessons learned in the field of non-profit management and how organizations can better operationalize disability inclusion best practices.

[continue reading…]

Advocacy & Disability: A Conversation with Dr. Nelle L. Richardson

JFCS and RespectAbility presented a free virtual event with Dr. Nelle L. Richardson. Dr. Nelle spoke on the intersectionality of race, gender, immigration, and disability, as well as her experience as a self-advocate. She shared her personal story of immigrating to the United States, pursuing an education despite a lack of support, living under systemic racism, and her successes as a woman of color with a disability.

Dr. Nelle Richardson headshot smiling

Dr. Nelle Richardson
Photo courtesy of Rick Giudotti, Positive Exposure 109

Dr. Nelle L. Richardson is an ordained pastor, motivational speaker, counselor, life coach, and self-advocate. She recently received a certification from Cornell University in Women in Leadership: Navigating the Double Bind. As a motivational speaker, Dr. Nelle addresses disability and racial bias. She was a key speaker for a UN 2021 Forum: An Untold Narrative: Immigrant Women with Disabilities.

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