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Jewish Disability Perspective Contributor

Single, Sick, and, well, Poor: by Carol Gould

In my first essay for RespectAbility I mentioned the problems single, sick or disabled congregants of modest means have in this modern world because we as a people have excelled in so many pursuits.  From the outset I must make it clear the second part of my essay is not a bitter mega-kvetch about poor [click to continue...]

How do we create inclusive Jewish classrooms? At Jewish Learning Venture, our Whole Community Inclusion initiative approaches inclusion holistically, engaging all stakeholders including the educators, the families, clergy and synagogue leaders and of course, the students themselves. We’ve implemented a number of successful programs to support inclusion, including: Providing support for families: Families raising Jewish [click to continue...]

I am honoured that Jennifer Mizrahi has asked me to write from Great Britain, where I have lived as an expatriate American for forty-five years, about being Jewish and battling stage 4 breast and lymph node cancer during Covid. I am delighted to share some of my story with you. In a future installment, I [click to continue...]

“Webinar of Webinars”: by Adam Bronstone

Adam Bronstone, Director of Planning, Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee shares below about Nashville’s Webinar of Webinars. You can find the webinars to which Adam refers at As the pandemic forced every community to pivot to online activities and meetings, the leadership of the Inclusion Committee of the Jewish [click to continue...]

Parshat Yitro: by Jason Lieberman

February is one of my favorites months of the year, as it is Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion Month (JDAAIM). I am so excited that the first Shabbat in JDAAIM is Parshat Yitro (Torah Portion Jethro). In this parshah, Yitro sees Moshe (Moses) and the Children of Israel for the first time since the exodus [click to continue...]

Turning Crisis Into Opportunity: by Howard Blas

It has been said that “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” The COVID pandemic has certainly posed tremendous vocational challenges for people with disabilities, who, despite already experiencing an employment rate less than half of people without disabilities, experienced 40% greater job loss with minimal recovery. It has also provided unprecedented opportunities—to develop [click to continue...]

Inclusion at Camp Chi: by Michelle Friedman

It was June of 1969. I was an 11 ½ year old visually impaired girl leaving home for the first time to attend Jewish overnight camp. I boarded the train to Wisconsin consumed with mixed emotions: already a little homesick and anxious, but also excited. I was excited about the friends coming from my Jewish [click to continue...]

Mental Health and COVID-19: by Dr. Hilla Hadas, CEO of Enosh

My name is Doctor Hilla Hadas, and I am the CEO of Enosh – The Israeli Mental Health Association. As organizations throughout the world are figuring out how to accomplish their missions in this time of COVID-19, I am pleased to talk about how we did this at Enosh, and how we worked to serve the [click to continue...]

Glass Half Full: Acquiring A Disability: by Rachael Risby Raz

On Rosh Hashanah, my phone was buzzing with dancing shofar GIFs, pomegranate pictures, and jokes about how we Jews had finished this challenging year. Among these was a strange message from my friend Avi, saying “Just remember, it could always be worse!” Little did I know that this quirky ‘blessing’ would become a mantra for [click to continue...]

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