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National Leadership Program

A Conversation with National Disabilities Rights Network’s Curt Decker Rockville, Md., June 30 – “Disability policy – we need to make sure that our policies and good intentions are followed up with good practices and actions,” advised Curt Decker on a bright Wednesday afternoon. Serving as the current Executive Director of the National Disabilities Rights Network [click to continue...]

Advice from World-Renowned Pollster Stan Greenberg Rockville, Md., June 30 – As the Fellows in RespectAbility waited in the conference room for a leading pollster to enter the room, the intimidation increased after being told how important this person is. Stanley B. Greenberg is a world-renowned pollster and New York Times best-selling author. He is [click to continue...]

A Conversation with American Enterprise Institute’s Gerard Robinson Rockville, Md., June 30 – Gerard Robinson, a resident fellow at American Enterprise Institute (AEI), visited Respectability to share with Fellows and staff about his experience and interests in education, policy and politics. Robinson discussed what skills he has found helpful throughout his career and his commitment [click to continue...]

Learning from Political Expert Dan Hazelwood Rockville, Md., June 29 – “Win people through emotions,” Dan Hazelwood told an audience of attentive RespectAbility Fellows earlier this month. “The heart overrides logic.” Hazelwood mastered the technique of captivating voters in the political world. His main expertise involves campaign strategy, message development, targeting and persuasion mail. A [click to continue...]

Learning Effective Advocacy Strategies with Lisa Thomas of the American Federation of Teachers Rockville, Md., June 28 – “The lack of cohesive, consistent messaging is the Achilles heel of the disability community,” Dr. Lisa Thomas told a group of RespectAbility Fellows earlier this month. “We do have competing priorities.” Thomas, the Associate Director and Special Education [click to continue...]

A Conversation with Renowned Journalist Cal Thomas Rockville, Md., June 28 – During his talk with RespectAbility Fellows last week, Cal Thomas, a renowned journalist, celebrated author and Fox News contributor, proclaimed, “A cheerful spirit stands out like a rose in the snowstorm; people want to be around happy people.” Thomas’ words sparked my excitement [click to continue...]

Learning from Ron Drach, Combat Veteran Wounded in the Vietnam War Rockville, Md., June 26 – Earlier this month, the RespectAbility Fellows had the privilege of hearing from Ron Drach, a combat veteran wounded in the Vietnam War. Drach says he’s lucky to have survived his wounds. “If I could sum up the beginning of [click to continue...]

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