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Julia Wood

Rockville, Md., Oct. 23 – Television series by Dan Fogelman, This Is Us, is unraveling the stigma around anxiety, addressing physical health and alluding to an upcoming plot-line with a heavy focus on addiction. Not only is the show written in a way that people can connect with but it also is subliminally inviting the everyday [click to continue...]

Rockville, Md., Oct. 16 – For more than 20 years, scholar Dr. Victor Pineda has been an advocate for the disability community. Pineda himself is a wheelchair user and originally was diagnosed with muscular atrophy, a disease that causes the muscles to deteriorate; however, after being examined later in life, doctors concluded that the specific [click to continue...]

Rockville, Md., Oct 15 – Actress and producer Salma Hayek Jiménez has embraced her disability – dyslexia – from a very young age. Born in Mexico, Hayek was sent to a Catholic boarding school in New Orleans at the age of 12 where she was quickly expelled for setting all of the nun’s clocks back [click to continue...]

Rockville, Md., Oct. 15 – Two years ago, pop star and actress Selena Gomez strutted onto Ellen DeGeneres stage wearing a black floor-length dress and heels. Her hair was slicked back and wavy. Her face held a look of intention. She sat with both a stiff back and smile and told Ellen and the world [click to continue...]

Rockville, Md., Oct. 15 – Pop icon and champion for body positivity Demi Lovato uses her voice to do more than just sing. Lovato, 25, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011 while seeking treatment for an eating disorder, depression and her battle with self-harm. “It’s important to speak up about the things you believe [click to continue...]

Rockville, Md., 15 de octubre – Hace dos años, la estrella pop y actriz Selena Gómez entró caminando orgullosa al escenario de Ellen DeGeneres con un vestido negro largo hasta los pies y tacos altos. Tenía el cabello estirado hacia atrás, con ondas. En su rostro había una mirada decidida. Se sentó con la espalda [click to continue...]

Long Beach, Calif. – Chatter fills the room. Floor to ceiling windows encompass a room interwoven with a wall here or there. The smell of freshly cured bacon hangs in the air mingling with the scent of steak fries and fish. Exposed wooden beams hang from the ceiling, and white cloths cover the tables. The [click to continue...]

Rockville, Md., Oct. 3 – One of the most pronounced, dangerous and hungry sharks out there has no fins, no tale, and no sharp teeth at all; however, he does have one characteristic that he attributes to his success and even refers to as “his superpower.” Entrepreneur, investor and famous Shark from ABC’s television show [click to continue...]

Rockville, Md., Sept. 28 – In Tuesday night’s premiere of season two of This is Us, viewers were reintroduced to The Pearson couple, Rebecca and Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore as well as “The Big Three” triplets: Kate (Chrissy Metz), Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown). The first season dealt [click to continue...]

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