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Employment Webinars

Fireside Chat with Jim Sinocchi – Lessons on Disability Inclusion for the Post-COVID World

As more people get vaccinated and companies begin reopening their offices, it is critical to reflect on key lessons from the past year of Zoom calls and remote work. Watch a special conversation with disability employment expert, business leader, and inclusion innovator Jim Sinocchi. Jim talked about how JPMorgan Chase has reshaped their accessibility efforts, how they deliver accommodations both in the office and remotely, and what opportunities lay ahead for future leaders with disabilities. This fireside chat gave audience members unprecedented access to ask their most burning questions about disability employment and the post-COVID world. [continue reading…]

The State of Disability Employee Engagement: Learning from Global Disability Inclusion and Mercer

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Best practices in diversity and inclusion have been hot topics in discussion around corporate recruitment, hiring and retention. However, disability inclusion often gets lost in discussions about talent management strategies. Global Disability Inclusion and Mercer have recently published an in-depth report detailing critical insights about the employment experiences of people with disabilities and how to prioritize the needs of employees with disabilities.

Featuring over 12 million data sets, the Global Disability Inclusion & Mercer report on The State of Disability Employee Engagement is an unprecedented opportunity for C-Suite leaders, Diversity Leaders and HR Professionals to better understand what is likely 15-20% of your employee population. We gathered the report’s lead investigators for a critical discussion on what works, what does not, and how to improve efforts to empower talented employees with disabilities.

Also part of this conversation was RespectAbility’s own Director of Inclusive Philanthropy and Development, Franklin Anderson. Franklin helped facilitate the discussion of how the Mercer report reflects critical lessons learned in the field of non-profit management and how organizations can better operationalize disability inclusion best practices.

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Learning The Lessons of 2020: Voting, Accessibility, and Voters with Disabilities

Lessons from the 2020 Election for approximately 38 million Voters with Disabilities.

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Amid a global pandemic, fierce civil strife and a major economic crisis, millions of Americans safely and securely cast their ballots in 2020. More than in any previous election, the disability community was engaged, active, and made their voices heard. What lessons need to be learned from this election? How did expanded mail and absentee voting options help people with disabilities? What barriers still keep members of America’s largest minority community from casting their ballots? How did COVID-19 change the electoral landscape?

These are some of the critical questions answered by the groundbreaking work of Professors Lisa Schur and Douglas Kruse of the Rutgers Program for Disability Research. Professors Schur and Kruse joined RespectAbility for a special webinar reflecting on what their research shows and how future elections can be more inclusive. This webinar reflected on research recently published by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) and identified key topics for future disability advocacy. [continue reading…]

People with Disabilities at Work

A Resource Guide to Achieving Economic Independence and Inclusion Through Employment and Entrepreneurship

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Developed by Ollie Cantos, People with Disabilities at Work is a brand-new resource to support the aspirations and accomplishments of students with disabilities, jobseekers, entrepreneurs with disabilities, and their families.

People with Disabilities at Work is a step-by-step guide covering critical topics around employment best practices, civil rights in the workplace, accessing services, closing the gap in education outcomes, and expanding career options for jobseekers with disabilities. This guide also explores how to drive greater inclusion in the non-profit sector, success in the private sector, and even how to become an entrepreneur with disabilities.

The audience for this guide is as wide and diverse as the disability community itself. Maybe you are a jobseeker with disabilities who wants to better understand work incentives and benefits planning. You might be a parent or a teacher who is helping your student with disabilities become a better self-advocate. Or maybe you are an employer who wants to embrace disability as part of your pursuit of a talented workforce and a more equitable workplace. Whoever you are, you will find something useful in this incredible new ebook. [continue reading…]

Webinar: Creating a Culture of Inclusion for Talented Employees with Disabilities

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Building a culture of inclusion at any business, organization or agency can be an incredible challenge. Hiring talented employees with disabilities and securing their return on investment requires any organization to build towards the goals of attitude, accessibility, accommodations and assimilation. This webinar, based a presentation recently given at the Starkloff 2019 Workforce, Workplace Disability Summit, discussed how to leverage internal, external and new communications strategies to promote disability inclusion. This presentation reflected on best practices pioneered by public sector entities like the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), private sector companies like JP Morgan Chase and Coca-Cola as well as non-profit efforts like the National Organization on Disability and the Poses Workplace Initiative. [continue reading…]

Webinar: Iowa Voc Rehab’s Stories of Successful Business Engagement and Disability Hiring

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Employer engagement is a critical part of a robust and effective workforce development system. Crossing the cultural and communications divide between the worlds of work and disability is critical for expanding job opportunities for people with disabilities. The great state of Iowa has been at the forefront of outreach work to educate business partners on the bottom-line benefits of hiring more and more people with disabilities.

Watch this webinar to learn how Iowa’s Vocational Rehabilitation system has built up a robust network of business partnerships with Kwik-Trip and other diverse firms. Our guests also spoke about the unique challenges of meeting the workforce training needs of youth with disabilities in rural Iowa.

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Webinar: Disability Inclusion, Assimilation and Success – Lessons from JP Morgan Chase and Coca-Cola

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Every company wants to hire the right talent that will contribute to their bottom line. Increasing, leaders in corporate America recognize that boosting diversity and inclusion impacts more than just workplace culture and brings with it a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Companies in a variety of industries are working hard to hire more and more people with disabilities. As such, companies need to better understand how to make disability a key part of their diversity and inclusion strategies. We invite you to watch this special conversation with some of the nation’s leading experts on disability, inclusion and success. Jim Sinocchi spoke about his efforts to launch a “new era of disability inclusion” at JP Morgan Chase, by “hiring professionals with disabilities into the robust culture of the firm.” He shared key lessons he has learned about how to identify, training and promote professional with disabilities.

Likewise, Vincenzo Piscopo spoke about the key work that Coca-Cola has done to bring greater diversity to their team, their culture and their brand. From the new Unlabeled ad campaign to his personal experiences as a leader in the firm, Vincenzo offered insights from a globe-trotting careers as a successful inclusion leader.

Learn all about Coca-Cola’s new campaign that puts disability, mental health and all aspects of diversity front and center here:

You can learn more about JP Morgan Chase’s disability hiring efforts here:

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