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Meet our Staff

headshot of Lauren Appelbaum smiling and wearing a blazer grayscale photo

Lauren Appelbaum

Communications Director

headshot of Philip Kahn-Pauli wearing a suit in grayscale

Philip Kahn-Pauli

Policy and Practices Director

headshot of Ben Spangenberg in grayscale

Ben Spangenberg

National Leadership Program Director

Debbie Fink smiling in front of a building

Debbie Fink

Director of Community Outreach and Impact

headshot of Franklin Anderson smiling in a suit in grayscale

Franklin Anderson

Development Manager

headshot of Elizabeth Jones smiling wearing a red top and beige sweater in grayscale

Elizabeth Jones

Manager of Partnerships

headshot of Tonya smiling with her hair loose, wearing pearl earrings and pearl necklace wearing a white top and a light blue cardigan grayscale photo

Tonya Koslo

Director of Finance and Administration

Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda seated in wheelchair for headshot, image in grayscale

Victor Santiago Pineda

Senior Advisor

headshot of Stan Goldman in grayscale smiling and holding a pen

Stan Goldman

Writing Coach, National Leadership Program

Meet Our Fellows

Headshot of Christina Revilla Chacon in front of the Respectability banner

Christina Revilla Chacon, Policy Fellow

Christina Revilla Chacon is excited to experience direct advocacy for important policy issues. She is passionate about dismantling the obstacles people with disabilities face each day to reach new opportunities in employment and education. [click to continue…]

Headshot of Daniel Kawecki in front of the Respectability banner

Daniel Kawecki, Communications Fellow

Daniel Kawecki is interested in exploring the intersection between disability and the criminal justice system as well as the topic of disability in poetry and fiction. Kawecki currently is enrolled in Mercyhurst’s AIM program for students with Autism. [click to continue…]

Head shot of Daniela Nieves in front of the Respectability banner

Daniela Nieves, Policy Fellow

Daniela Nieves is particularly interested in education policy for youth with disabilities in America. As a minority, she can relate to others who have intersecting identities and plans to focus her career on public service for marginalized people. [click to continue…]

Headshot of Kaity Hagen in front of the Respectability banner

Kaity Hagen, Communications Fellow

Kaity Hagen is profoundly Deaf and is part of the LGBTQIA+ community, identifying as Queer. She wants to reduce the stigma and misperception that people with disabilities cannot work, obtain an education or support a family. [click to continue…]

Headshot of Lily Cantor in front of the Respectability banner

Lily Cantor, Communications Fellow

Lily Cantor is thrilled to be working on larger societal issues. While managing social media for RespectAbility, Cantor is excited to learn about the challenges and rewards of advocacy. She also manages our organization’s Jewish inclusion work. [click to continue…]

Headshot of Mannela Iparraquirre in professional dress

Mannela Iparraguirre, Policy Fellow

Mannela Iparraguirre spent her academic career studying policy and writing about it, but now she will experience the process of applying academic lessons and policy into real-world practice. She is excited to strengthen her research skills. [click to continue…]

Headshot of Molly Donald in professional dress

Molly Donald, Policy Fellow

Molly Donald is a rising senior at the University of Maryland. Her goal for this Fellowship is to expand her knowledge of the barriers faced by people with disabilities so that she can better address them and the inequities they generate. [click to continue…]

Headshot of Rachael Walloga in front of the Respectability banner

Rachael Walloga, Development Fellow

As her previous advocacy work was focused on promoting LGBTQ rights and those of the Hispanic community, Rachel Walloga is hoping to learn and to develop more intersectionality in her professional and private life during her Fellowship. [click to continue…]

Headshot of Thomas Noh in front of the Respectability banner

Thomas Noh, Communications Intern

As a rising senior at Thomas S. Wootton High School in Rockville, Maryland, Thomas Noh has studied various programming languages such as HTML, Java and C++. He assists with website development and other IT related issues. [click to continue…]

Headshot of Victoria Grace Assokom-Siakam in front of the Respectability banner

Victoria Grace Assokom-Siakam, Development Fellow

Victoria Grace Assokom-Siakam wants to ensure that people with disabilities have the financial resources to pursue their ambitions. At RespectAbility, she is assisting with our inclusive philanthropy initiatives. [click to continue…]

Zavier Taylor in front of the Respectability banner

Zavier Taylor, Communications Fellow

Zavier Taylor is an artist, actor and designer from North Carolina. After learning that storytelling is a powerful political and social tool, Taylor is compelled to ensure that the portrayal of people with disabilities is accurate. [click to continue…]


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