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The Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Long Beach

Long Beach, CA – The Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was created in 2000, when several business leaders realized the enormous potential of the Hispanic business community in the Southern California region and detected the need for a regional organization to represent their interests in the public and private sectors.  The mission of the RHCC is to promote and facilitate the success of businesses in the California region and its commercial areas.

The RHCC in Long Beach is managed by Sandy Cajas, a woman who confesses to have graduated at 37 years of age. Her success proves that anything is possible with enough hard work and perseverance.

The RHCC works hard to address the problems and concerns of Hispanic-owned businesses. The Chamber’s responsibilities include:

  • Implementing and strengthening regional programs that assist the economic development of firms;
  • Increasing business relationships and partnerships between the corporate sector and businesses;
  • Promoting international trade between Hispanic businesses in the United States and Latin America;
  • Monitoring legislation, policies and programs that affect the business community;
  • providing technical assistance to entrepreneurs.

In addition to being president and CEO of the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (RHCC), Sandy Cajas also founded the Regional Hispanic Institute (RHI). The Institute was created with the mission of giving entrepreneurs an alternative for life preparation and life-long learning by developing and implementing initiatives and educational campaigns that awaken and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. This is accomplished through mentoring students from the California State University system, with an emphasis on being the bridge between the corporate and student community.

Since its inception, the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, along with the Regional Hispanic Institute, has developed many programs to Enhance, Improve and Educate the Southern California Business Community.

The Líderes Regional Mentorship Program was created to increase opportunities for university students. Its goal is to support and nurture young leadership in all sectors of society. It focuses on making stronger connections and linking young leaders with high-ranking officers in a wide variety of fields. The intent is to allow students to gain valuable insight into what it takes to be successful and to begin building a strong network.

The Regional Hispanic Institute Leaders Council is a program created for California State University Long Beach Students and Graduates that have been part of the Regional Líderes Mentorship Program. The program will maximize their influence as leaders in the Southern California commercial region. Students and Recent Graduates serve on the Regional Hispanic Institute Leaders Council for two years with the option to continue at the end of the second year. Each student receives a stipend for the volunteering hours he or she serves.

The Mujeres del Año Awards have been given out every year since 2003. The Regional Hispanic Institute hosts a Gala event that celebrates the outstanding demonstration of Character, Commitment, Civility, Community, and Citizenship of Mujeres in the Long Beach area. People from a broad group of disciplines and areas win awards in several categories that benefit our community.

The Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has a Non-Discrimination Policy. They provide equal employment opportunity to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, citizenship, religion, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status.

Sandy Cajas loves the phrase “Follow your dreams, think about all the people who said it would never happen, and go out and prove them wrong!” She has certainly achieved her goals, and she is working hard to ensure that young people in the Long Beach area can succeed as well.


Meet the Author

Jeanette Marquez Rocha

Jeanette Marquez is a Policy Fellow at RespectAbility, where she is helping to create an innovative Community of Practice in Long Beach, California. From Mexico, she has three deaf siblings with dreams and goals of their own. Because of them, she has decided to be an advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, specifically that society should be inclusive.

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