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WEBINAR: Debra Ruh’s Guide on Strategies and Branding Effort on Consumer with Disabilities

Did you know that according to Nielsen Research, consumers with disabilities represent a $1 billion market segment? 

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Ruh joined us to talk in great detail about her transformative new book Inclusion Branding. This new volume provides key insights to enable companies to:

A book cover for Inclusion Branding Book

Inclusion Branding, written by Debra Ruh

  • Create strategies and branding efforts that include people with disability into the workforce and expand your customer base.
  • Share care studies and practical information on driving success through the principles of Profit, People, Purpose, and Planet

Ruh brings years of global experience to this session–she has worked with Fortune 100 companies and nations including Kenya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and China. From her initial multi-million dollar firm, Debra was able to build Ruh Global Communication in 2013. This firm empowers people with disabilities through offering services in Global Diversity Inclusion Strategies, Digital Marketing, and Branding, to name a few. In 2016 Ms. Ruh was invited to address the United Nations General Assembly at the Conference of State Parties 9th session. Debra continues to be a champion for people with disabilities through her work in technology and accessibility in the workplace. In 2018, she was selected by the State Department to represent the United States abroad, on topics related to inclusion and disabilities.

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Disability Group Inks Deal with Hollywood Heavyweight

RespectAbility and Norman Lear Center Unite to Help Hollywood Include People with Disabilities

HH&S' Director Kate Folb in between RespectAbility's President Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi and Communications Director Lauren Appelbaum, all standing and smiling, in front of a picture of Norman Lear

HH&S’ Director Kate Folb in between RespectAbility’s President Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi and Communications Director Lauren Appelbaum

Los Angeles, Calif., April 18 – RespectAbility, a nonprofit organization fighting stigmas and advancing opportunities for people with disabilities, announces a new partnership with Hollywood, Health & Society (HH&S), a project of the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center. The partnership will help educate, inform and support the success of the movie/TV industry in its work to ensure that people with disabilities are included on both sides of the camera in the stories that Hollywood tells. HH&S provides entertainment industry professionals with accurate and timely information for storylines on health, safety and national security. Like RespectAbility, HH&S recognizes the profound impact that entertainment media have on individual knowledge and behavior – ultimately impacting society and lives at large.

“We’re delighted to be working with RespectAbility to help inform and inspire the frequency and accuracy of portrayals of people with disabilities in TV and film,” said Kate Folb, the director of HH&S.

HH&S offers several resources, including quick facts, briefings and consultations with experts, case examples, panel discussions about timely health issues, a quarterly newsletter with health updates called Real to Reel and an expanding list of tip sheets written specifically for writers and producers. The broad range of topics includes disability-specific topics autism and mental health. Some of the TV shows they have assisted include The Fosters, The Good Doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, Orange Is the New Black, Speechless, Switched at Birth and many more.

The creation of this partnership would not have been possible without the financial support of The California Endowment. “Visibility and representation matters,” said Jose L. Plaza, who manages the grant for The California Endowment. “We know that accurate and positive portrayals of diverse people with disabilities will not only empower and educate viewers and program creators but will ultimately lead to a more inclusive, responsive and healthier society.”

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WEBINAR: Successful Disability Employment Strategies-Lessons from Staples, Pepsi and other leading Employers

A Conversation about Successful Disability Employment Strategies with Kevin McCloskey and Kris Foss

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Kevin McCloskey, Director of Partnership Development – Disability Solutions @Ability Beyond
Kris Foss, Managing Director – Disability Solutions @Ability Beyond

Disability Solutions, a corporate disability consulting firm, is changing minds and changing lives through their work with Pepsi, Synchrony Financial, Staples and other employers across the country. Disability Solutions’ clients have hired over 350 people with disabilities, including veterans, over the past five years through the planning and implementation of a strategic approach focused on driving business results. Managing Director, Kris Foss, and Director of Partnership Development, Kevin McCloskey, will discuss best practices and tips on bridging the gap between employers and the community partners who serve all jobseekers with disabilities that have produced real outcomes.

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WEBINAR: Diverse Consumers with Disabilities – Nielsen Research on the Economics of Households with Disabilities

Learn about Nielsen’s innovative research into the economics of prevalent, diverse consumers with disabilities.

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Kim Jackson, Senior Program Manager ADEPT SE Co-Lead Nielsen

Did you know that that more than one in three households have a member that identifies with a disability? Did you know that over 4 million households have a family member living with an intellectual disability or that over 20 million households with a loved one with a mobility impairment? These are just some of the fascinating data points revealed Nielsen’s recent research.

The fact that 1 in 5 Americans live with some form of disability has a significant economic impact on our country. However, that impact isn’t always easy to quantify, qualify or study. Nielsen’s Omnibus Panel Survey is studying that impact and quantifying those connections.

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WEBINAR: Baby Boomers, Acquired Disabilities & Stay-at-Work Strategies with Jennifer Christian, MD

Learn about the innovative work being done by Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH President and Chief Medical Officer, Webility

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Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH President and Chief Medical Officer, Webility

Disability is the minority group that anyone can join at any time due to accident, illness or injury. The life experience of acquiring a disability can result in serious disruptions to a person’s life, health and employment. The road to recovery or adapting to a new reality can be a complex and confusing process. Yet there is a critical gap at the center of that process. Assuring a good “big picture” outcome for a working person with a health-related life and employment disruption is not in any professional’s job description today.

Instead, this important task typically defaults to the person who acquires a disability and their family. Together or alone, they face the challenge of navigating complex systems of health, disability and workers’ compensation. As a result, some people fall through this gap in the social fabric and end up with avoidable outcomes.

Jennifer Christian, MD’s life work has been about bridging that gap. From founding Webility to draw attention to this hole in the social fabric to helping doctors, employers, benefits payers and other stakeholders establish better communications, Dr. Christian has been an innovator and thought leader. Dr. Christian has dedicated her life to get people the support they need to remain functional, independent, and able to participate fully in human life, including work.
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