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Past Events

Webinar: Creating a Culture of Inclusion for Talented Employees with Disabilities

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Building a culture of inclusion at any business, organization or agency can be an incredible challenge. Hiring talented employees with disabilities and securing their return on investment requires any organization to build towards the goals of attitude, accessibility, accommodations and assimilation. This webinar, based a presentation recently given at the Starkloff 2019 Workforce, Workplace Disability Summit, discussed how to leverage internal, external and new communications strategies to promote disability inclusion. This presentation reflected on best practices pioneered by public sector entities like the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), private sector companies like JP Morgan Chase and Coca-Cola as well as non-profit efforts like the National Organization on Disability and the Poses Workplace Initiative. [continue reading…]

Webinar: Iowa Voc Rehab’s Stories of Successful Business Engagement and Disability Hiring

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Employer engagement is a critical part of a robust and effective workforce development system. Crossing the cultural and communications divide between the worlds of work and disability is critical for expanding job opportunities for people with disabilities. The great state of Iowa has been at the forefront of outreach work to educate business partners on the bottom-line benefits of hiring more and more people with disabilities.

Watch this webinar to learn how Iowa’s Vocational Rehabilitation system has built up a robust network of business partnerships with Kwik-Trip and other diverse firms. Our guests also spoke about the unique challenges of meeting the workforce training needs of youth with disabilities in rural Iowa.

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Webinar: Disability Inclusion, Assimilation and Success – Lessons from JP Morgan Chase and Coca-Cola

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Watch the webinar on YouTube with live embedded captions

Every company wants to hire the right talent that will contribute to their bottom line. Increasing, leaders in corporate America recognize that boosting diversity and inclusion impacts more than just workplace culture and brings with it a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Companies in a variety of industries are working hard to hire more and more people with disabilities. As such, companies need to better understand how to make disability a key part of their diversity and inclusion strategies. We invite you to watch this special conversation with some of the nation’s leading experts on disability, inclusion and success. Jim Sinocchi spoke about his efforts to launch a “new era of disability inclusion” at JP Morgan Chase, by “hiring professionals with disabilities into the robust culture of the firm.” He shared key lessons he has learned about how to identify, training and promote professional with disabilities.

Likewise, Vincenzo Piscopo spoke about the key work that Coca-Cola has done to bring greater diversity to their team, their culture and their brand. From the new Unlabeled ad campaign to his personal experiences as a leader in the firm, Vincenzo offered insights from a globe-trotting careers as a successful inclusion leader.

Learn all about Coca-Cola’s new campaign that puts disability, mental health and all aspects of diversity front and center here:

You can learn more about JP Morgan Chase’s disability hiring efforts here:

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Panel Discussion: Disability, Creativity and Employment

Individual Headshots for Tatiana Lee, Vincenzo Piscopo, Matan Koch, John Dunn, and Joe Xavier, all smiling. Text: Disability, Creativity and Emplyoment Logos for RespectAbility, Department on Disability, and Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

In partnership with the Chamber and the LA City Department on Disability, RespectAbility’s California team coordinated a light breakfast and panel discussion entitled Disability, Creativity and Employment. This panel discussion featured the insights and expertise of subject matter experts dedicated to providing real world knowledge on how to recruit, hire and retain employees with disabilities. [continue reading…]

Los Angeles Civic Engagement Training

Headshots of Candace Cable, Delbert Whetter, and Andrea Jennings

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Watch the event on YouTube with live embedded captions (coming soon)

Learn how you can become more involved civically! Candace Cable talked about concrete steps all of us can take, like writing op-eds, posting on social media, visiting elected officials, attending town halls and asking questions – and how RespectAbility can support you in this type of work. In addition, Delbert Whetter and Andrea Jennings spoke about their journeys about becoming more civically involved. Jennings recently was sworn in as Accessibility and Disability Commissioner for The City of Pasadena. Likewise, Whetter recently was appointed by the City of Santa Monica to serve a four-year term as Commissioner on its Disabilities Commission. They are both passionate about their interests for disability inclusion – both in the entertainment industry and political realm. [continue reading…]

Empowerment for Latinas with Disabilities and Their Allies

[continue reading…]

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