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Born This Way #BTWChat: August 30

Join our fifth Twitter chat on August 30 on relationships at 9/8c!

Hosted by Lauren Appelbaum and Cara Liebowitz of RespectAbility, this Twitter chat will take a look at ideas explored in Born This Way by the young adults with Down syndrome and their parents. Following this chat, join us in live tweeting each episode of the second season, airing on A&E at 10/9c.

Tonight’s #BornThisWay episode includes relationship issues that people of all abilities face, so that’s our focus for this #BTWchat!

Text: #BornThisWay Twitter Chat: #BTWchat, Tuesdays 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET. Then join us for livetweeting each episode of the second season immediately following the chat.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 9:00-10:00 pm ET

Don’t have cable? You can livestream the show on A&E’s app. You can find the questions for this chat in this post.

How to Participate

  • When the chat begins, search #BTWchat on Twitter for a series of live tweets:
  • Follow @Respect_Ability, @Megologycom, @LaurenAppelbaum & @spazgirl11 on Twitter.
  • Use the hashtag #BTWchat when you tweet.
  • Check out this explanation of how to participate in a chat by Ruti Regan:

Introductory Tweets for August 30 #BTWchat

  • #BornThisWay airs tonight on @AETV. Don’t miss these incredible stories at 10/9c.
  • Welcome to our Twitter chat. Please remember to use the #BTWchat and #BornThisWay hashtags when you tweet.
  • If you respond to a question such as Q1, your tweet should follow this format: “A1 [your message] #BTWchat”
  • When we say PwDs or disability, we’re talking about all types of disability. Feel free to speak about specific communities #BTWchat
  • For each domain, we’ll ask for your views, stories, potential solutions, recommendations #BTWchat
  • The theme for tonight’s #BTWchat is relationships! Get excited #BornThisWay

Questions for 8/30/16 #BTWchat

Tonight’s #BornThisWay episode includes relationship issues that people of all abilities face, so that’s our focus for this #BTWchat!

  • Q1 Cristina becomes jealous of her fiance Angel spending time with other girls. What advice do you have for them? #BornThisWay #BTWchat
  • Q2 How have you overcome jealousy at any point in your life? #BornThisWay #BTWchat
  • Q3 Cristina & Angel have a lot to learn to live together. What’s the most important thing they need to learn first? #BornThisWay #BTWchat
  • Q4 What advice do you have for Cristina & Angel’s parents in helping their children adapt, learn and grow? #BornThisWay #BTWchat
  • Q5 As the @Leapsnboundz group grows, the dynamic changes. How have you dealt with situations like this? #LeapsnBoundz #BornThisWay #BTWchat
  • Q6 Megan wants to marry her boyfriend & have a baby, but also wants to move to LA. What should she choose to do? #BornThisWay #BTWchat
  • Q7 If Megan moves, what should her mom do? Any advice for parents whose kids with disabilities want more independence? #BornThisWay #BTWchat
  • Q8 Megan, child of divorce, spends time w her dad. How does divorce affect children, especially those w disabilities? #BornThisWay #BTWchat
  • Q9 What advice do you have for Megan about her relationship with each of her parents? #BornThisWay #BTWchat

Closing Tweets for August 30 #BTWchat

  • This ends our #BTWchat chat. Many thanks to everyone who participated. Now let’s watch #BornThisWay!
  • Please feel free to continue the convo and answer more #BTWchat questions as the next episode of #BornThisWay begins.
  • Liked #BTWchat? Don’t forget to livetweet the episode using #BornThisWay – starting now!
  • Let us know what you think is most surprising moment of the episode! What was the most powerful moment? #BTWchat

Meet the Author

Lauren Appelbaum
Lauren Appelbaum

Lauren Appelbaum is the Vice President, Communications, of RespectAbility, a nonprofit organization fighting stigmas and advancing opportunities for and with people with disabilities, and managing editor of The RespectAbility Report, a publication at the intersection of disability and politics. Previously she was a digital researcher with the NBC News political unit. As an individual with an acquired invisible disability - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy - she writes about the intersection of disability, employment, Hollywood and politics. From entertainment professionals to presidential campaigns, journalists to philanthropists, she conducts trainings on the why and how to be more inclusive and accessible. Behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, Appelbaum engages decision makers and creatives to improve the quality and number of authentic, diverse and inclusive presentations of people with disabilities on TV and film so audiences can see people with disabilities as vital contributors in America and around the world. She and her team have consulted on projects with Amazon, Disney/ABC Television, NBCUniversal, Netflix, and The Walt Disney Studios, among others. Appelbaum also enriches the pool of disabled talent in Hollywood by nurturing and connecting them to those who can assist with their careers, both on the creative and business sides of the industry. She is the author of The Hollywood Disability Inclusion Toolkit, which was created to help entertainment professionals to be as inclusive of people with disabilities as possible, and the creator of an innovative Lab Program for entertainment professionals with disabilities working behind the camera. To reach her, email

Respect Ability - Fighting Stigmas. Advancing Opportunities.


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