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Appendix E: How to Access an AJCC

The process to apply to an American Job Centers of California (AJCC) may seem daunting, but you will succeed if you follow the steps the AJCCs have laid out. Keep this list handy and follow it carefully:

  1. Register at CALJOBS and print a CALJOBS resume.
  2. Complete an AJCC Membership Application Form.
  3. Attend an orientation/introduction to services at your local AJCC (your nearest AJCC by putting your ZIP Code in on their website:
  4. Schedule an intake appointment at your local AJCC. Bring the following documents to your appointment:
    1. Right to work documentation (at least one of the following):
      1. Valid state or federal ID.
      2. Birth certificate.
      3. Passport.
      4. DD214 (only if your place of birth is listed).
      5. Alien Registration Card.
      6. Immigration/Naturalization Paper.
      7. I-9 Documentation.
    2. Selective Service documentation for men born after December 31, 1959 (at least one of the following):
      1. Selective Service acknowledgement letter.
      2. DD214 “Report of Separation.”
    3. Income eligibility documentation:
      1. Public assistance/social services records.
      2. Check stubs from the last six months.
      3. Proof of family size, such as:
        1. Birth certificate.
        2. Social Security card.
        3. Lease.
        4. Tax returns.
        5. Medical cards.
        6. Decree of court.
      4. Current income for all family members living in place of residence, such as:
        1. 6 months of paystubs for all family members.
        2. Bank statements for all family members.
    4. Layoff or termination (only if applicable):
      1. Unemployment insurance history, such as:
        1. UI claim letter.
        2. UI award letter.
        3. RESA, PJSA, or IAW appointment letter.
      2. Layoff or closure letter from employer.

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