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We want to extend our deepest thanks to our partners who assisted with the creation of this toolkit. You are doing critical work serving people with disabilities within the entertainment industry and the broader disability community. We hope this toolkit empowers more people to ensure their diversity efforts include the one-in-five Americans with a disability, our nation’s largest minority group.

Thank you to California Endowment and Jose Plaza for their funding that enabled us to create this toolkit. Thank you also to the following people who reviewed sections of this guide: Deborah Calla, Ollie Cantos, Pam Dixon, Elaine Hall, Diana Elizabeth Jordan, John Lawson, Sandra McElwee, Jonathan Murray, Nic Novicki, Allen Rucker, Steven James Tingus, Donna Walton, Delbert Whetter, Jevon Whetter and Gail Williamson. Thank you to Jonathan Fusfield for editing and formatting this toolkit.

Likewise, we want to credit the staff and Fellows from RespectAbility for their time and effort on this guide. In terms of staff, Lauren Appelbaum and Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi authored this report. Credit also goes to Debbie Fink, Elizabeth Jones and Philip Kahn-Pauli for subject matter and editing expertise, to Ben Spangenberg for coordination of the Fellows and to Frank Anderson and Hillary Steen for securing the grant to launch this project. Credit also goes to the Spring 2018 RespectAbility National Leadership Fellows for their time and effort on this toolkit. This document exists thanks to: Eric Ascher, Adrienne Baez, Sarah Bram, Emily Counts, Stephanie Farfan, Ana Figueroa, Ryan Knight, Bryan Munguia, Jaimie Ninan, Juliet Rojas, Richelle Ross and Tameir Yeheyes. Their fingerprints are all over this document and their work will benefit everyone who reads it. Thank you as well to RespectAbility’s chairman Calvin Harris and our entire board for believing in our work and supporting our coast-to-coast work.

RespectAbility Board of Directors and Advisors include: Steve Bartlett, Vivian Bass, Linda Burger, Ollie Cantos, Eleanor Clift, Shelley Cohen, Judith Creed, Heidi Daroff, Randall Duchesneau, Andrew Egan, Gabrielle Einstein-Sim, Ronald Glancz, Rick Guidotti, Calvin Harris, Neil Jacobson, Janie Jeffers, Evelyn Kelley, Janet LaBreck, Dana Marlowe, Donna Meltzer, Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, Jonathan Murray, Aaron Orlofsky, Gerard Robinson, Robert Schwartz, Dee Soder, Thomas Sweitzer, Steven James Tingus, Donna Walton and Delbert Whetter.

For More Information:
Lauren Appelbaum, [email protected], 202-591-0703

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