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Virtual Events and Services

Immediately Prior to the Event

Advance preparation will help ensure smooth participation for people who are streaming. Clergy, speakers, or presenters should log in before the start time of the event to test audio, visibility, and to see if the virtual background is causing blurring or fading out.

Accommodations and Materials Available for Virtual Gatherings

  • Large print materials can be made available online. Post the link in the chat. Offer hard copies of these materials or make computer document versions available ahead of services.
  • Make ASL interpreters available (both online and in-person).
  • Make on-screen captioning available (CART, which is live, is preferred over automated services).
  • Ask congregation members to donate working laptops and tablets for community members who don’t have them. Make sure devices are updated with the correct meeting platform and set up with an internet connection. Some people will need training on using electronic devices.
  • Make sure Zoom or the streaming platform you are using is easy to access.
  • Offer pre-paid Wi-Fi hotspots for people who do not have internet access.

Electronic Device Availability

  • Arrange volunteers to drop off the devices at peoples’ homes or have individuals or family members arrange a pick-up time in an accessible location.
  • Ask the recipients how to drop off the devices to a secure location. Congregate living facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living, group homes, and senior residences, may not allow visitors. 

Sample Text:

“A limited number of computers or tablets are available to borrow. If you do not have your own equipment, please contact us. These will be available on a first-come first-served basis.”

I would like to borrow:

_ Tablet

_ Laptop

_ Either one

_ I would like someone to help me use the equipment

_ I have Wi-Fi

_ I need Wi-Fi


If you are concerned about technical issues with a live stream, consider pre-recording parts of the services and events. If you do this, save the recording to YouTube. YouTube auto captioning is the bare minimum as it is often inaccurate. You’ll need to check the captioning and manually correct it before posting or streaming. RespectAbility edits captions of all YouTube videos we upload, regardless of the speaker. The process is quite simple, and instructions can be found at YouTube captions take a day or two to process.

Users will have to click on the CC box once they have opened the video in order to access the captions. Include instructions for how to do this when you list the YouTube link in communications.

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