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What does it mean to be a Moses?

Moses was our greatest leader, held up thousands of years later as the quintessential example of Jewish leadership. We read right in the Torah that Moses was a person with a disability, as he had a speech impediment. God felt that the unique experience of having that disability not only did not disqualify him from leadership in the Jewish people, but it made him the ideal leader that we needed at that time.

This, then, is what we envision our Moseses to be. We envision training great Jewish leaders who embrace their disability to strengthen the community’s leadership, while equipping them with the very best leadership skills. Should you become a part of our annual cohort, we will provide training and networking opportunities for you, including matches with organizations aligned with your passions, mentors and a new community.

Provide Training and Networking Opportunities

Moses had the ultimate instructor. Most of us don’t have a direct connection to the divine to teach us how to lead, but what we do have is the ability to learn and gain the skills that will be useful to us in leadership. Each cohort will have six evening trainings, with food served, throughout the project year. The curriculum is ever-evolving in response to the expressed needs of our Moseses and our partners, but broadly we will instruct you in leadership skills focusing in the following areas:

  • active listening and effective persuasion;
  • persuasive writing and written and oral or signed communication;
  • using social media as an effective tool;
  • the basics of nonprofit management and responsibilities;
  • the basics of development, including working with funders and how foundations operate;
  • And effective inclusion techniques and how to be a collaborative disability advocate within your organization.

Match You with Organizations

The best leaders have passion for the areas in which they lead. We want each of our Moseses to be a leader in the Jewish community, but we want you to be a leader in the part of the work of the Jewish community that resonates with you. Project Moses is ever expanding our list of partner organizations so that in addition to training you, we can place you where you will be doing work that interests you, expresses your passion, teaches you the skills that you want, and allows for a long-term connection in the areas of Jewish leadership where you want to lead.

Mentor You

Every person is a trailblazer in their own life. Even though our own trail is unique, there is no substitute for the guidance and advice available from those who have faced similar experiences and now find themselves where you want to be. Each Moses will be matched with a mentor, and while the mentor may not be doing the same type of leadership that the Moses would like to do, we will give it much thought as possible to assign mentors that are best suited to advise you where you are in your journey

Build Community

No one changes the world alone, but together there is no change that we cannot achieve. Being a Moses is a lifelong status. Even after you complete your active year in the cohort, you will be part of a Moses alumni community where you will be recruited to be a mentor and provided with networking opportunities with present and past Moseses. Each Moses also will be enrolled in RespectAbility’s Employee Resource Group for Jewish Professionals with Disabilities, although this membership will be active only for the duration of the cohort unless the Moses chooses to continue as a Jewish professional.

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