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Film Selections

What Do You Pray For?

by Ben Rosloff

The short film focuses on the universal nature and themes of prayer, as well as the hopes and dreams of people with disabilities. The interviews reveal the need for inclusion and a connection to the community. The documentary shows that people with disabilities pray for similar things as people without disabilities: health, peace, and happiness. This also shows that people with disabilities look for similar things as people without disabilities in their Jewish community: a feeling of belonging. This JDAIM, ask yourself how you can make people with disabilities feel that they belong in your Jewish community.

Please watch the individual interviews as well as the conglomeration video of Ben’s individual documentaries on Vimeo.

Get involved yourself by creating your own What Do You Pray For video! Film yourself answering one question: “What do you pray for?” Upload your short (30 second – 1 minute) video to YouTube or Instagram and fill out the form below to send us the link!

    Restoring Tomorrow

    by Aaron Wolf

    In these fearful times, Restoring Tomorrow offers an inspiring message of hope. It tells the against-all-odds story of a great L.A. landmark built by the Hollywood moguls that is saved from destruction and restored to vibrant life. It dramatically shows how any challenge can be overcome when we join in common purpose. Together, we can restore tomorrow across America.

    Aaron Wolf is an Award-winning actor, director, speaker, and activist who uses his creative voice to tell stories from the heart, that entertain and matter. He is the founder of the I Am Able Foundation. Aaron writes, “As an adult who grew up with dyslexia and ADHD, my ability to effectively adapt, innovate, and create (thanks to my sharpened alternate neurodivergent senses) has served me well in my career as director, actor, activist and philanthropist.

    Discussion Questions for Restoring Tomorrow

    1. How does this film help you reflect on your faith and heritage?
    2. How do you feel about the decline in organized religion/Judaism today? How can religious institutions retain young members? What role can disability inclusion, and greater DEI/social impact, play in this?
    3. What is the strength that keeps your congregation going?
    4. What’s in a building? Why is restoration and upkeep of a building so important to keeping a community alive?
    5. How does seeing the various decaying houses of worship in this film make you feel?
    6. How are building renovations important to fostering a sense of belonging, especially for disabled people?
    7. “We can make our own traditions.” How does this quote resonate with you? Have you made your own traditions that you hold sacred? How is this idea important to those with disabilities, especially if they are unable to participate in their faith communities?
    8. How have your ancestors been good to you? How do you hope to be a good ancestor to those who come after you?
    9. Certain establishments have significant history with a city or town. Why do you think this is? What do you think of the intertwined history of Hollywood and the Wilshire Boulevard Temple? How does this history make the DNA of the temple and the congregation different from that of your own?
    10. How does restoration of our sacred spaces help make people feel welcome? How can it make disabled people feel welcome? Is it worth the cost and labor?
    11. Accessibility was prioritized in the restoration of the Wilshire Boulevard Temple. What is the benefit of enabling people with disabilities to enter and participate in their chosen faith community?

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