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Hispanic and Latinx People with Disabilities

Hispanic and Latinx People with Disabilities

Shireen Alihaji smiling in front of a fence Jeison Aristizábal seated in a chair smiling Danny Gomez smiling headshot wearing a black shirt in front of a black backdrop Selena Gomez wearing a white blouse with a cherry print posing for the camera with a yellow background
Shireen Alihaji
Poet/Filmmaker Created Environments for Historically Neglected Identities to Share Their Stories
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Jeison Aristizábal
CNN Hero of the Year 2016 and Nonprofit Founder with Cerebral Palsy
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Danny J. Gomez
Speaking Out For A More Inclusive Entertainment Industry
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Selena Gomez
Prioritizing Health, Serving as Role Model for Young Women with Disabilities
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Salma Hayek wearing a blue top with her hand under her chin smiling for the camera Frida Kahlo black and white headshot Andrea Lausell leaning against a staircase railing in front of a wall Gisselle Legere headshot
Salma Hayek
Sharing Story of Dyslexia, Serving as Role Model for Latina Woman with Disabilities
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Frida Kahlo
Through Art, Role Model for Artists, People with Disabilities and Bisexual Women
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Andrea Lausell
Disability Pride & Hispanic Heritage Pride as One
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Gisselle Legere
Deafness Gives Her a Positive Edge in the Writer’s Room
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Demi Lovato smiling Nelly Nieblas smiling headshot. Nieblas has a disability in her right arm. Jaime Pacheco Orozco smiling wearing a suit and tie and glasses. Jaime has short black hair Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda seated in wheelchair for headshot, image in grayscale
Demi Lovato
Uses Star Power to Fight Stigmas and Advance Opportunities for People with Mental Illness
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Nelly Nieblas
Making The Outsider The Insider
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Jaime Pacheco-Orozco
Passion for Workforce Development Helps People with Disabilities
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Victor Pineda
Transforms Rights into Practice in Cities Around the World
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Vincenzo Piscopo Headshot Krista Ramirez-Villatoro headshot Roque Renteria headshot smiling Gina Rodriguez wearing a black dress, smiling
Vincenzo Piscopo
Lifts Up People with Disabilities at Coca-Cola and Around the World
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Krista Ramirez-Villatoro
Fighting for the Rights of Disabled Latinas While Also Remembering How Far We’ve Come
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Roque Renteria
Uses Comedy and Storytelling to Fight Stigmas Hurting People with Disabilities
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Gina Rodriguez
Star of Jane the Virgin Opens Up About Her Anxiety
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Michelle Rodriguez wearing a black tank and smiling Filmmaker Diana Romero In A Wheelchair Dressed In All Black Cristina Sanz wearing a blue top Alejandra Tristan smiling headshot. Tristan is seated in her wheelchair
Michelle Rodriguez
Fast and Furious Actress Cites ADD as Motivation for Success
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Diana Romero
Award-Winning Producer with Multiple Sclerosis Continues to Find Success in Hollywood
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Cristina Sanz
First Hispanic with a Disability to Win an Emmy Award, Shatters Stigmas
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Alejandra Tristan
Becoming Proud of Her Disabled Identity as a First-Generation American
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