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Advocacy Webinars

Webinar: “Spanish Resource Release: Planning for Success: Advocating for Your Child With A Disability.”

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This webinar coincided with the launch of RespectAbility’s Spanish Language Toolkit. During this webinar, the speakers discussed why resources in Spanish are needed urgently for the growing community of Latinx people with disabilities.

Dr. Victor Pineda, a senior advisor to RespectAbility who co-authored the resource, said: “Our goal is to help address the critical need of information, education and jobs for this historically marginalized population: Latinx people with disabilities.” Pineda is also President of World Enabled as well as the Global Alliance for Accessible Technology and Environments. He is a recognized leader in the inclusive urban development and human rights movements. Stephanie Farfan and Paola Vergara Acevedo co-authored this resource guide with Pineda. Farfan is a self-advocate who identifies as a little person and Vergara Acevedo contributed her critical experiences as the mother of a child with a disability.

This project was made possible by the Coca-Cola Foundation, with additional support from the New York Women’s Foundation. [continue reading…]

WEBINAR: Debra Ruh’s Guide on Strategies and Branding Effort on Consumer with Disabilities

Did you know that according to Nielsen Research, consumers with disabilities represent a $1 billion market segment? 

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Ruh joined us to talk in great detail about her transformative new book Inclusion Branding. This new volume provides key insights to enable companies to:

A book cover for Inclusion Branding Book

Inclusion Branding, written by Debra Ruh

  • Create strategies and branding efforts that include people with disability into the workforce and expand your customer base.
  • Share care studies and practical information on driving success through the principles of Profit, People, Purpose, and Planet

Ruh brings years of global experience to this session–she has worked with Fortune 100 companies and nations including Kenya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and China. From her initial multi-million dollar firm, Debra was able to build Ruh Global Communication in 2013. This firm empowers people with disabilities through offering services in Global Diversity Inclusion Strategies, Digital Marketing, and Branding, to name a few. In 2016 Ms. Ruh was invited to address the United Nations General Assembly at the Conference of State Parties 9th session. Debra continues to be a champion for people with disabilities through her work in technology and accessibility in the workplace. In 2018, she was selected by the State Department to represent the United States abroad, on topics related to inclusion and disabilities.

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WEBINAR: Hollywood, Media & Disability

Fighting Stigmas and Expanding Opportunities for People with Disabilities

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Jenni Gold, editor, screenwriter, director and founder of Gold Pictures, Inc.
John Tucker, cast member of Emmy-award winning Born This Way and rap artist
Gail Williamson, talent agent and head of the Diversity Department at Kazarian/Measures/Ruskin & Associates

Moderated By Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, President of RespectAbility

We at RespectAbility, a national nonprofit organization fighting stigmas and expanding opportunities for people with disabilities, have been working with several partners within the entertainment industry on the full inclusion of people with disabilities – in front and behind the camera. The webinar was part of the process of creating a Community of Practice to work on the closely connected issues of disability, diversity, inclusion, poverty and media.

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How You Can Make a Difference for People with Disabilities in the 2016 Presidential Campaign

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Did you know there are 56 million Americans with disabilities?
That 56 percent of likely voters say they, a family member, or a close friend has a disability?
And the disability community spans partisanship?

The disability community has the power to swing elections. For the first time, presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle are talking about our issues.

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