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RespectAbility’s National Disability Speakers Bureau

Sasha Ross Becker smiling headshot

Sasha Ross Becker
Photo courtesy of Rick Guidotti, Positive Exposure 109

Sasha Ross Becker (she, her) is a graphic designer, illustrator and newly-minted speaker. Ross Becker was born in the great green hills of Middlesex, Vermont, and moved from the plant-filled hills of Vermont to the people-filled streets of New York City a few years ago. She underwent several surgeries due to a brain tumor, with resulting disabilities. A dedicated advocate for all people with disabilities, one of Ross Becker’s illustrations (displayed herein) was selected and hung in Sen. Bernie Sander’s congressional office in Washington, D.C., promoting disability inclusion. Through her graphic design work, illustrations and typography, Ross Becker demonstrates her keen ability to craft the message that a client is looking to convey.

Ross Becker’s diagnosis – a pilocytic astrocytoma brain tumor – was in 2007. Over the course of her life, Ross Becker helps those who have difficulty doing or saying what they want, and throughout this experience has developed a deeper understanding of disability advocacy and has learned and been trained to become a strong disability advocate.

Ross Becker’s love of traveling, eating food, playing instruments and listening to heartbeat-matching music, especially in the company of others, illustrate how very important it is for her to meet and connect with those around her. It is in this way that Ross Becker finds true, lifelong friendships and motivation are developed.

Artwork by Sasha Ross Becker

This illustration by Ross Becker, hung in Sen. Sander’s Washington, D.C.. office, is a digital drawing of a forehead getting sewed up by a needle and thread; similar looking to a corset. The skin is split down the middle between the eyebrows and eyes, with the nose, the mouth and any other facial features hidden by the page break. Part of the skin split has already been sewn, and the rest of the thread coming out of a seam hole can be seen winding up into a white background, with a needle at the end of it. It is meant to show the experience I have been through with the brain tumor. The stitch can either be seen as a sew up or a sew down, for that is what the world has shown Ross Becker. Life is 50/50, a constant yin and yang, where we are “constantly finding our balance on the tightrope of life.”

About RespectAbility’s National Disability Speakers Bureau

RespectAbility’s National Disability Speakers Bureau offers diverse speakers with disabilities to teach about disability inclusion; and/or to offer their expertise in an array of topics, ranging from Art and Entertainment to Entrepreneurship, Education, Finance, Law, Psychology, Religion (of many faiths) and every vocation in between. Our Speakers Bureau and its divisions are expanding. If this is of interest to you or you know a professional with a visible or nonvisible disability who might be interested, you (or she/he/they) can email

Meet the Author

Eric Ascher

Eric Ascher is the Communications Associate for RespectAbility. He is responsible for supporting RespectAbility’s Vice President, Communications in developing and implementing advocacy efforts and communications of various types. Ascher manages RespectAbility’s social media channels, website and emails; organizes and develops webinars; and supervises Communications Fellows.

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