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Summer 2017 Fellows standing or seated in wheelchairs, smiling and posing for the camera

Stephanie Farfan, Policy Fellow

National Leadership Program, Spring 2018

RespectAbility fellow Stephanie Farfan smiling in front of the RespectAbility banner

Stephanie Farfan

Stephanie Farfan was a Policy Fellow in the National Leadership Program at RespectAbility. She always has been committed to disability rights, particularly for the dwarfism community as she is a little person. She has experienced firsthand the discrimination many people with disabilities face. This discrimination led to her commitment to fight the stigmas and social barriers that people with disabilities have to contend with to be taken seriously. Farfan has been a part of Little People of America (LPA) since she was 16 years old and volunteers her time as a co-chair for the Hispanic Affairs Committee. Her fluency in Spanish enables her to help Spanish-speaking little people and their families get the resources and support they may otherwise not have access to.

Farfan completed her undergraduate studies with a major in Peace and Conflict Studies and a minor in French at Juniata College in Pennsylvania. While there, she was the only little person on her campus – so naturally, it was quite difficult looking up all the time. Farfan had the opportunity to study abroad in Lille, France while at Juniata. She loved the experience and was grateful that the opportunity allowed her to improve her French. After graduation, Farfan moved back home to Florida. There, she worked at a number of interesting places – most notably a karate studio and a security and detective agency. Unfortunately, she does not know karate and also is not a private investigator, so please do not ask.

Tired of the Florida sun, Farfan came to Washington, DC, hoping to continue her studies. She was accepted to American University’s School of International Service, where she is studying International Peace and Conflict Resolution. She hopes to combine the experience she has working with the Latino community and her academic work in peace studies into a career that can help the international disability community. Eventually, she aspires to earn a Ph.D. in the peace field and hopes to open doors in academia for people with disabilities and foster intersectional inclusivity through her social activism.

In her spare time, Farfan loves to cook and always is looking to expand her repertoire of recipes. She also loves comic books: the X-Men and Birds of Prey are among her favorite superhero teams because they both provide examples of intelligent and heroic people with disabilities fighting evil. Farfan always is willing to chat about comics.

Farfan wrote 22 pieces during the Spring 2018 Fellowship for the main website and The RespectAbility Report:

She also wrote 17 pieces for the RespectAbility Report:

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Meet the Author

Stephanie Farfan

Stephanie Farfan has been a part of Little People of America (LPA) since she was 16 years old and volunteers her time as a co-chair for the Hispanic Affairs Committee. She hopes to pursue a career benefitting the international disability community.

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  • Carla Sep 12, 2018, 10:55 am

    Hola como estas Sthefany esta mañana mi hija y yo vimos tu entrevista en el programa de la mañana y naos interesamos mucho, pues con mucho trabajo y esfuerzo le he inyectado ego a mi ahijado de 16 años desde muy pequeña. Somos venezolanas con 2 años en el país. Y siempre he mantenido la idea que ella a pesar de sus limitaciones ser “grande” por su actitud frente a las situaciones de buling , de ausencia de acomodaciónes ortopédicas para su comodidad dentro del colegio. Por su no integración en actividades escolares y ahora a sus 16 años con la ansiedad de trabajar y no encontrar la teArea idónea para ella. Sé que ustedes podrán ayudarme. Trabajo muy duro par que el este bien. Estamos solas en el país. Ella es excelente estudiante, perfecto idioma a pesar del poco tiempo esta en 11 grade en Katy higo school y actualmente su diagnóstico está siendo investigado en el hospital Shriners For Childrens en Houston. Ella tiene una importante ausencia de mAsa muscular, restricción de tendones, tórax muy restringido, escoliosis. No puede sentarse y algunas otras limitaciones. Como madre es muy importante para mí que ella abra los ojos y vea que hay un mundo de personas que como ella pueden ayudarla y ser alguien importante en su propia vida. Carla Pons 2819696076. Mi hija se llama Carhen Palacios Pons, 16 años.

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